BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 12/20/2018

BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 12/20/2018

Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin BINANCE:BCDBTC

Wow. Did you catch this move? It’s look like cryptomarket is starting to wake up. A small gift for the New Year holiday. We waited for this almost a year, didn’t we?
Ok, what’s next? We have bull priority.
Most likely a new balance will be formed now, we already have 2 borders.
To enter the market use the lower border of the balance (0243).
If this level will be breakdown, then it is best to wait the price at the lower POC or at the starting point of the impulse.

Buy: 0243
Take Profit1: 0273
Take Profit2: 0292

Re-Enter: 0213-0216 area
Take Profit1: 0243
Take Profit2: 0273
Take Profit3: 0292

Stop Loss <1%

Priority: Bull
Final Signal: Buy from 0243 or
re-enter 0213-0216 area

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