BCDUSD – Volume Analysis Prediction 07/21/2019

BCDUSD – Volume Analysis Prediction 07/21/2019


All past month BCD was losing in value. Even when the total market was rising, BCD falling. It is hard to say what it is connected with. Fundamental news on the coin is good, but the price is not growing.
But now the price has come to the area where it is very profitable to buy. Practically BCD near the historical minimum. As soon as the price will close and hold above the level 0.90110, we will see new up wave swing to the 1.0722. Until we below area 0.9011-0.9262 BCD remains bearish .
What area are good for buying:
1. 0.9011-0.9262 area after true breakout
2. 0.6911-0.7268 (only after confirmation)

1. False break
2. Bull initiative
3. Change in swing structure from bear to bull at a lower time interval

Stop loss <3%.

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