BCH (Volume Analysis Prediction 5/17/2018)

BCH (Volume Analysis Prediction 5/17/2018)

Bitcoin Cash / Dollar

Ticker: BCHUSD            
Exchange: BITFINEX

My opinion:
The price rolled back 50% of the total traffic, this mark is statistically often the end point of the rollback,
and the point at which the trend begins to continue.
In addition, this point is located next to the zone of strong support with which the price interacted
What gives us reason to think about continuing the uptrend

But there are a few things that worry me:
1. There is no strong “initiative” of buyers, the price comes back after a rollback to the resistance zone
2. The entire market is in a downward movement / consolidation, and it is likely that the coin will go to the market (as it was 3 months before)
3.The price can not break the downtrend line (throughout the trend), which speaks of the strength of the sellers

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