Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority has updated its crypto-related fraud blacklist to include a new total of 113 sites

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has updated its crypto-related fraud blacklist to include a new total of 113 sites, in a fresh alert posted Dec. 18.

The authority states that “despite” its prior warnings, it continues to receive complaints from defrauded investors. The newly added platforms are all allegedly run by “fraudsters […] who are using cryptocurrencies to swindle consumers,” with the FSMA starkly reiterating:

“The principle remains the same: they offer you an investment they claim is secure, easy and very lucrative […] They claim to have specialists who will manage your investments for you. You are told that your funds can be withdrawn at any time […] In the end, the result is always the same: the victims find themselves unable to recover their money!”

The agency notes that the updated list is not comprehensive, and has been assembled in particular based upon victims’ reports. The warning appeals to the public to come forth with any doubts about other possibly suspect crypto-related entities operating unlawfully in Belgium.

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