Bitcoin Diamond Announces Ellipal as Newest BCD Pay Merchant

​​​Bitcoin Diamond has announced that cold wallet manufacturer Ellipal is the latest addition to its roster of companies accepting payments in its digital currency. Customers around the world can now pay with Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) for hardware wallets and accessories. Ellipal will now be listed in the BCD Bazaar merchant directory within the BCD Pay Wallet.

Ellipal’s hardware wallets enable crypto holders to protect their assets in complete isolation from the internet. Through a secure multiple verification process, users can easily recover their accounts using the wallet’s simple user interface and large touch screen. In Fall 2018, the company raised more than $55,000 in initial funding through a successful Indiegogo campaign.

“When Ellipal customers are shopping for wallets, it makes natural sense for them to pay with crypto,” said Bitcoin Diamond Community Manager Carl Shicun. “Bitcoin Diamond is designed for transactions just like these, with instant verification and extremely low processing fees. We’re excited to have such a successful startup as Ellipal come on board.”

Cryptocurrency payments provide higher efficiency for both merchants and customers. With Bitcoin Diamond, transactions can be verified in a matter of seconds at a fraction of the fees charged by credit card processors. BCD also protects merchants from costly chargebacks and increases accessibility for digital currency-holding shoppers.

Over the past several years, cryptocurrency has emerged as the next evolution of money, thanks to its convenience, cost-effectiveness and decentralization. Designed as a means of transaction as peer-to-peer electronic cash, it matches the functionality of traditional fiat currency and goes beyond in efficiency, accessibility and security. Bitcoin launched in 2009 as the first cryptocurrency, and hundreds of others have since followed.

About Ellipal

Using a secure information exchange system based on QR codes, Ellipal hardware wallets are completely isolated from any internet or hardware connections. Without ever relying on USB or Bluetooth connection to work, Ellipal is the safest hardware wallet on the market. Ellipal wallets support more than 1,500 digital currencies and work flawlessly with the Ellipal App for iOS and Android.

About Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a Bitcoin fork created to solve slow transaction confirmations and high threshold requirements. Through BCD Pay, business owners are able to offer their products to a global market without needing to absorb expensive fees from international payments or worry about costly chargebacks from indecisive or fraudulent customers.

In 2018, BCD debuted BCD Bazaar, an international marketplace that gives customers access to a wide range of products from across the world by accepting payments in Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) or Bitcoin (BTC).

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