Chimpion debuts on Sores 50% in a week

Chimpion or better known as it’s token name Bnana went live on six days ago, and has already seen massive allround gains of around fifty percent compared to its current market before said listing, bringing its total (ROI) upwards of two thousand percent.

About Chimpion 

Chimpion is a digital investment token with many avenues for use, such as Chimpions very own springboard event were stakers peg their principal in investment ventures via the springboard event, which is built similar to kickstarter but for digital stores. Chimpion also allows budding entrepreneurs to gain access to the global market via purchasing a digital store with Bnana. is one of China’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges with over eight years of active trading and a clean track record with zero data breaches, boosting a whopping user base of three million currently registered users and an active daily user count of over one hundred thousand. Bnana is currently trading with two pairs Tether (USDT) and BTC (Bitcoin) with the high possibility of more trading pairs to be added in the future.

Included is a link to Chimpions website below, I encourage readers to check out their website and keep a close eye on their project as I foresee big things to come for Chimpion. talks about Chimpion