Compliant tokenization startup Standard Tokenization Protocol announced that it secured $7 million in funding

Per the release, STP raised the funds in two separate private funding rounds from multiple venture capitalists by selling its STPT token, with $5 million in the first round and $2 million in the second. The investors cited by the company are Neo Global Capital, BlockVC and AlphaBit.

The announcement explains that STP’s service is designed to allow for the compliant and transparent tokenization of assets, as well as provide fractional ownership and improve returns for sellers by removing illiquidity discounts.

STP reportedly uses an on-chain validator in an attempt to ensure region-specific regulations, specifically those related to Know Your Client and Anti-Money Laundering requirements. Lastly, the company also promises that its system will enable automatically distributed programmed dividends and other new asset features. STP claims:

“The platform is providing an easier solution to issue fractionalized ownership of traditionally illiquid assets, which equates to a $256 trillion market.”

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