ETH/USD Volume Analysis Prediction 3/07/2018

ETH/USD Volume Analysis Prediction 3/07/2018

Ethereum / Dollar

Hi, friends.
ETH shows signs of weakness.
If the price break down and holds below level 775, with a high probability we will see a fall wave to 710 or even lower to 600-625.
There is no increase volume at the levels 775-780, so the situation for a possible breakdown for now.
But if false break down happens and the price will return back (above 775-780) into the mini-balance it would be a good signal for buy.

Glossary of terms

  • Point of Control (P O C) – The price level for the time period with the highest traded volume .
  • Value Area (V A) – The range of price levels in which a specified percentage of all volume was traded during the time period. Typically, this percentage is set to 70% however it is up to the trader’s discretion.
  • Balance – Accumulation Area.
  • F L – flat level.
  • T L – trend level.
  • Fixing (fix, culmination) – reverse price reaction then the markets stops i’ts movement for a short time. The trend stops when it passes through 2-3 fixing movement.

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