European Crypto Bank Aim is to bring the Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain products and services to the masses

“European Crypto Bank Aim is to bring the Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain products and services to the masses, by providing an easy-to-use one-stop-solution,that is suitable for individuals and businesses,regardless their level ofexperience,by respecting the Law Tax Rules in their owncountries and by avoiding any case of Money Laundering”.

What is European Crypto Bank?

European Crypto Bank is building the first bank and trading platform to secure investments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market on the blockchain and culmination of 10 years of work and knowledge of financial markets, of financial analysis and researches.

The Crypto Bank offers by using a platform of secure Trading and Exchange and taking care of your domestic internal revenue services and converting your cryptocurrencies into all traditional assets without any risk of suspicion of Money Laundering.

The aim of ECB is to start a change within the Market, so that the wide range of non-technical customers could take advantage from the several opportunities that Cryptocurrency and the blockchain industries offer.

Crypto Bank goal is being accomplished by ECB through its top-of-the-line products and services implemented into one use-friendly platform.ECB project started in September 2017, and on June 1st, 2018, the platform will be officially launched in Beta Version and also to prove to each traditional bank that all of EBC customers have achieved some benefits and profits,legally.

The purpose of the soft launch is testing the early version of the marketplace as well as the other features within the ECB System and get ready for the next developmental stage ,in accordance with the pre-defined strategy.The ECB platform has all the prerequisites as to succeed and to keep a leading position among the industry players.