In the course of a planned hard fork update, the Bitcoin Cash network experienced difficulties processing transactions

In the course of a planned hard fork update, the bitcoin cash (BCH) network experienced difficulties processing transactions, cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX tweeted on May 15.

Following the expected fork at block 582,680, the network purportedly began to experience issues with transactions.

BitMEX said that the number of transactions per block was low — 0 in the last 9 blocks starting at block 582,687.

Bitcoin cash transaction per block. Source: BitMEX

Bitcoin cash transaction per block. Source: BitMEX

According to data from CoinDance, the greatest number of blocks mined after the upgrade were only processing transactions on Coinbase. In the meantime, BitMEX revealed that their mempool had 1,622 transactions.

Following comments from the community regarding empty blocks, developers appear to have released a patch to fix the bug.

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