Kaleido has launched a new B2B tech stack with a view to helping companies “reinvent their core payment systems and supply chains”

The ConsenSys-backed company said the stack brings together the necessary tools and technologies that businesses need to build modern networks delivering operational improvements and new revenue streams.

According to Kaleido, businesses that use its platform will easily be able to digitize assets by issuing custom tokens. Other features, including an asset registry, document store and app-to-app messenger, are “plug and play” — and the company says this means enterprises will no longer need specialized skills in order to build and benefit from decentralized applications.

Steve Cerveny, the founder and CEO of Kaleido, said:

Blockchain has brought a radically better way for businesses to solve an age-old problem of transacting with trust and transparency. The leading networks we’re partnering with are spotting pockets of this future before everyone else does.”

Kaleido claims it has helped multinational corporations including T-Mobile, Heineken, Sony, Shell and Fox implement blockchain-based solutions in their businesses.

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Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/consensys-backed-kaleido-launches-b2b-tech-stack-with-plug-and-play-features