More crypto mining malware continues to target major corporations, hijacking victims to mine altcoin Monero

More cryptocurrency mining malware continues to target major corporations, hijacking victims to mine altcoin Monero (XMR), new research warned on Feb. 5.

Findings from the Special Ops team at United States cybersecurity company JASK reveal a modified version of trojan Shellbot has become increasingly prevalent since its debut in November last year.

The perpetrators, the company says, appear to be a Romanian hacker group known as Outlaw, a translation of the Romanian word “haiduc,” which also lends its name to one of the payloads the malware installs.

“The toolkit observed […] in use by the attacker contains three primary components: IRC (Internet Relay Chat) botware for Command and Control (C2), a revenue stream via Monero mining, and a popular scan and brute force tool, haiduc,” JASK confirmed.

The latest threat specifically targets users of devices running Linux. In mid-January, research from Palo Alto Networks found another Monero-mining malware targeting Linux users that had the ability to disable cloud-based security measures to avoid detection.

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