PayXpert and Review.Network – an exciting new partnership

An exciting new partnership is set to emerge between the two tech companies which under current discussions, will allow PayXpert to use an integrated Review.Network add­on to gain customer insight on their preferred methods of payment. This new relationship is set to bring a new level of insight to PayXpert’s client base through Review.Network’s proposed platform.

PayXpert offers innovative payment solutions aimed to optimize conversions for their customers, while minimizing their risks. They are constantly searching for new ways to better serve their clients, and the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology presents them with interesting options moving forward. Since their beginning, they have always been interested in new technologies to improve their business and client experience. Blockchain has recently been at the forefront of that interest which in part is why they welcome this new partnership with Review.Network.

For the Review.Network team, this comes as welcome news, as the team has been very impressed with PayXpert’s services and business model. Our blockchain­ based market research platform is set to make waves in the tech space, and this partnership signals the beginning of a wave of future co­ops.

The two companies aim to work together in acknowledgement of the customer­centric landscape we now live in, recognizing that customer feedback is paramount to a business’ success in 2018. Through this partnership, PayXpert will offer its existing clients the ability to use the Review.Network platform to provide added value while also creating an opportunity for customers to provide feedback on the payment processor as well.

Currently being discussed as a case study, an added component to this partnership could give PayXpert customers the ability to carry out market research using Review.Network as a directly integrated part of their online shop’s payment processing system. If a client ever wondered why a specific item sold better than a similar product, they’ll now be able to find out, directly from their customers.

As a bonus, rather than a company emailing customers for their feedback after a purchase, they will be able to use the Review.Network system to submit their feedback immediately.

The idea of Review.Network’s integration into the PayXpert system is a joint effort to keep customers happy and evolve with the times, all the while increasing conversions.

With Review.Network set to launch their beta platform in the near future (first 25,000 sign­ups to the community, will receive 500 REW tokens), and PayXpert always looking to gain a competitive advantage, the scope of the discussion on the possibilities for this new partnership has been fruitful and remains ongoing, as both teams hope to bring more transparency and an overall better user experience to the table!