Ron Paul survey: most investors would choose Bitcoin for a long term investment

Ron Paul, the former US lawmaker and presidential candidate, asked his Twitter followers to participate in a poll that compares Bitcoin, gold, fiat currency, and bonds for a 10-year investment. 51% of the poll participants showed interest in investing in Bitcoin.

Well known for a wide fan base on social media, the liberal congressman is also known for his approach and open-mindedness for issues ranging from abortion and marijuana to business regulation. An advocate for cryptocurrency as well, Paul is also the author of “End the Fed,” a book that aligns with the philosophy of many Bitcoiners.

The Twitter Poll: 

Paul questioned his followers about their investment decision, that will only be available to them after a lock-in period of 10 years. Out of more than 80,000 votes received, a handy 51% participants were inclined to invest in Bitcoins.

In a previous survey conducted by Paul in last December, Bitcoin won by 54%. Though the respondents at that time were more than 10,000 less than this time, the percentage was nonetheless staggering. While some might question the integrity of a Twitter survey, several traditional in-person surveys have shown such results as well.

The conclusion of Paul’s survey sends across a positive message for all crypto enthusiasts. Not experiencing a good timing in terms of price points, the digital tokens needs such support to cross through the current lull in the market.

While most aren’t able to comprehend the concept of cashless societies, men like Ron Paul understand that such a scenario is not far away and that the scenario will surely involve Bitcoin and other cryptos. As and when that time arrives, the digital tokens will attain a more “tangible” status in terms of users having full control of them as opposed to being even more at the whim of central banks and their counterpart counterfeiters.

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