Smart Containers is changing the way ICOs are perceived

Smart Containers — a Role Model ICO

Smart Containers aims to be a role model ICO. This has been and will be a very important part of the structuring and processes within our ICO and the after-sales processes.

Smart Containers proactively approached FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA) from the get go. We successfully discussed our ICO and they approved the model. Modum was an inspiration for creating the dividend share model; we are glad that they set this path for us.

The token issued by Smart Containers “SMARC” is a profit sharing token. 20% of the dividends are distributed to the holders pro rata. By that the token is compliant with existing laws in Switzerland. OR 657 dividend rights certificate (“Genussschein”) describes a participation form that is exactly the same (only the medium differs) and therefore is no news for the regulator.

Including exit gains to the token holder rights is something very important as well. Most projects don’t provide any outlook for the possibility of the company getting acquired by a third party; although this is a likely scenario in case of a successful development.

More than Just the Legal Aspects

To be a role model ICO consists of more than just collaboration with the regulating bodies. We also want to set a precedent in investor handling and investor treatment.

We are in the exclusive position of having healthy and profitable products in the market as one of the top companies in the field. This makes us offer the investor way more than faith in a whitepaper. We offer a speculative investment in a working, fully running company. On top of that we have an R&D pipeline to grow even more successful in the coming years.

On the technical side we do our best to fulfill the needs of private and retail (crowd) investors alike. The mechanics of our investment platform live up to the highest standards. We thrive to make possible a smooth investment process for all contributors.

On the means of contribution we also try to cover as much possibilities as possible. Besides the obvious choice of accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum we will also accept contributions in fiat money (CHF, EUR, USD). This is to make sure you don’t have to touch your valued cryptos in an unfavorable market situation if you don’t wish to.

We are also planning on a professional after-sales service to keep out investors happy after they got involved with us. We are aware of the demand for good investor relations. The journey does not end with you buying our token!