Startup behind decentralized exchange Radar Relay will release new Lightning Network developer tools

Radar, the startup behind decentralized exchange Radar Relay that raised $10 million last year, announced that it will release new Lightning Network developer tools. The statement was made in a Medium post published on April 5.

The developer tools, which will be released at the Lightning Network hackathon sponsored by the company, Boltathon, include a node configuration helper, a tool for opening channels and requesting channels, an invoice sandbox for test and an invoice decoder. The tools will be accompanied by setup tutorials, software recommendations and configuration guides for connecting through anonymity network Tor and accessing unreleased features.

The tools and educational material above are part of the company’s Radar ION initiative, which aims to bring new users to the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a cryptocurrency scalability solution — most well-known in its application to Bitcoin (BTC) — aiming to provide nearly free and instantaneous transactions.

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