Survey: about 3% of American retirees claimed to own some Bitcoin

About 3% of American retirees claimed to own some bitcoin (BTC) in a new survey released by precious metals-focused magazine Gold IRA Guide on April 17.

In April, Gold IRA Guide conducted a survey asking 1,000 American retirees over 50 years old about their thoughts on investing in major cryptocurrency bitcoin.

According to the survey results, 56.7% of respondents were aware of bitcoin, but were not interested to invest, while 2.7 percent claimed that they already owned some bitcoin.

Around 3.5 percent said that they would like to invest in bitcoin, but did not know how to start, while 4.5 of retirees expressed interest in investing in bitcoin, but decided to keep an eye on it instead of going forward on the matter.

With that, a large fraction of American retirees appeared to not even know what bitcoin is, with 32.9% of respondents having answered that they “have no idea what bitcoin is.”

American retirees about investing in bitcoin

American retirees about investing in bitcoin. Source: Gold IRA Guide

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