U.S. President Donald Trump has appointed vocal Bitcoin supporter Mick Mulvaney as the new White House chief of staff

Donald Trump has just appointed Mick Mulvani to the post of head of the White House administration.

It seems that the next spontaneous decision of the US government on the appointment of people to positions of responsibility led to an advantage for the cryptocurrency community. Mulvaney is said to have serious disagreements with Trump’s policies, and a few days before his election, he declared that the candidate Trump is “a terrible person.”

Now supporters of cryptocurrency hope that this is a huge benefi for innovation, since the Republican from South Carolina is considered a supporter of digital currencies and is actively promoting legislation on blockchain technology as part of a special group.

The previous head of the White House, General John Kelly, resigns, and now Trump tweeted the following:

Earlier, Mulvaney was promoting a series of solutions in support of bitcoin and blockchain. Resolution of the House of Representatives No. 7002 was an amendment to the “Law on the electronic signature”, which is designed to “confirm the applicability of the blockchain to electronic records, signatures”. Also, Resolution No. 1108, supported by Mulvaney to show Congress how to apply a systematic logical approach to blockchain-innovations.

Earlier, Mulvaney said that “the blockchain technology is capable of fundamentally changing financial services, the US economy and the provision of public services.”

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Source: https://coinatory.com/2018/12/18/the-new-head-of-the-administration-of-the-white-house-a-supporter-of-bitcoins/