U.S. Vonage subsidiary has been awarded a patent for using Blockchain technology to secure communications and recordings

A telecoms firm owned by American cloud communications company Vonage has been awarded a patent for using blockchain technology to secure communications and recordings. The patent was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 12.

NewVoiceMedia, Ltd. — a cloud service company based in Basingstoke, England — has been granted a patent for “system and methods for tamper proof interaction recording and timestamping.”

Specifically, the development represents a system for securely recording voice communications, such as phone calls, using a distributed blockchain network. The system is purportedly designed to streamline secure file creation, storage and access through authentication and authorization for users.

The patent filing reveals that a database could be a physical or logical storage means, while an authentication server may verify the validity of a voice communication. The system also considers the application of software or hardware components to access recorded data. The filing further explains:

“[…] signatures and timestamps may be published to a public block chain [sic] such as that used for Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions, or a block chain specifically configured for use in signature and timestamp publication. […] a block chain may be used to publish signatures and timestamps to a public medium, and the use of distributed database nodes inherent in a block chain protects data against tampering, falsification, or loss due to individual nodes going offline.”

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Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/vonage-subsidiary-receives-patent-to-secure-voice-communications-with-blockchain