UNODC will reportedly partner with Blockchain telemedicine and telepsychology firm to expand free basic healthcare services across Eastern Africa

The crypto market has been facing quite the turbulent ride this year and while this may cast a dark shadow on its prospects for 2019, its underlying technology seems to be fairing pretty well. The blockchain tech might have entered the market with the cryptocurrencies but it certainly isn’t going down with them. As the crypto market continues to suffer, the blockchain tech continues to grow in different industries. Case in point, the UNODC’s recent decision to partner with blockchain-based firms for healthcare purposes.

According to reports, UNODC, which is the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, is striking a partnership with the blockchain powered, telemedicine and telepsychology firm in order to expand free basic healthcare services across the region of Eastern Africa.

Amado Philip de Andres, who is the Regional Representative for UNODC’s Regional Office for Eastern Africa (ROEA), wrote that the organization is willing to cooperate in a new partnership, in an officially sealed letter signed on Dec. 20, by Andres himself. The company is reportedly planning to introduce both its platforms in the African market by the second quarter of next year, through the UN partnership. is essentially a tech firm that offers blockchain-based telemedicine and telepsychology platforms, round the clock and throughout the week. It gives its users the opportunity to tokenize their personal data and sell it, in return for gaining access to services. As per the reports, the company, up until now has already operated in 20 countries with its most recent office opening in the United States.

The data and healthcare service ecosystem makes use of the MTC token, which is ERC20 compatible and is presently up for trade on a number of crypto exchanges, Singapore-based Coinbene and Kucoin. The statistics projected on the company’s website are pretty impressive, with having over 130,000 users having used the telemedicine services to date; and almost 70,000 having used its, “Emotions,” telepsychology platform. No wonder the UNODC showed interest in this partnership. has plans for further expansion in the pipeline, as it is reportedly looking to spread out its services across a wider range of U.S. states. In addition to that, it is also eyeing the United Kingdom, as it plans to launch its tokenized telemedicine service there by the March of 2019. It is further planning to branch out to the Asian market as well, and it’s starting by planting its feet in India, however that is a little farther down the road for the company, which is by the end of 2019.

In addition to its expansion plans, the company also has plans for launching its in-house mainnet, shortly by the first quarter of 2019, the purpose of which is to replace the existing Ethereum-based ERC20 token system. Moreover, it is also expanding its service boundaries to include veterinary services as well, as it is planning to launch “doc Pets”, a subsidiary blockchain-based veterinary services system, in the U.S. by the second quarter of 2019.

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